Monday, 9 September 2013

ACIAR welcomes Dr Ejaz Qureshi as new Research Program Manager

ACIAR welcomes a new member to its team: Dr Ejaz Qureshi, Research Program Manager for the Agriculture Development Policy program.

Dr Qureshi has had more than 15 years experience dealing with natural resources management and associated policies. His field career spans across the globe from the wheat belt in Punjab, Pakistan to China’s Yellow River Basin, and his policy-focused work has been applied in major urban and regional areas across Australia and overseas. He has published and contributed to over 100 papers and journals, including being a guest editor of Journal of Hydrogeology for its special issue on economics of ground water management, and associate editor of the Journal of Hydrology.

With considerable experience at a senior level, including Agriculture & Resource Economist in the Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Sugar Production at James Cook University (2000-02), Principal Research Economist at ABARES (2002-04) and Senior Economist & Policy Analyst at CSIRO Divisions of Land and Water and Ecosystem Sciences (2004-13), Dr Qureshi is a high-calibre addition to the ACIAR team.

He also has several impressive CSIRO awards to his name, including the Land and Water Chief’s High Impact Studies Award and Strategic Excellence “Look Out” Award (2007), in recognition of his scientific and policy-based contributions to urban water economic modelling. Last year he was awarded the Social and Economic Science Program Award, and just before his move to ACIAR, the Julius Career Award to work on a project focusing on water, energy and food.

“I see my move to ACIAR as a great challenge,” Dr Qureshi says. “I expect the ADP program will manage research activities focused on agriculture policies and initiatives to enhance agricultural development, production and farm profitability, but with greater consideration for the sustainable use and management of natural resources and the environment.

“In my new role I would also like to encourage researchers who can carry out policy-focused research activities that result in the best value for money.”

By Alex Henderson,
ACIAR Communications

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