Tuesday, 21 February 2017

ACIAR contributes to the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Conference

ACIAR was closely involved with the 61st Annual Conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES).

The 2017 AARES Annual Conference was held from 7-10 Feb in Brisbane.

AARES promotes research relevant to Australasia in agricultural, environmental, food, and resource economics and agribusiness, all of which is very relevant to ACIAR’s work in agricultural research.

Leading international and Australian economists addressed the theme of Transformations in Food, Energy and the Environment.

ACIAR Research Program Managers Dr Andrew Allford and Dr Ejaz Qureshi gave a presentation covering ACIAR and our research for development, with a focus on Agricultural Development Policy and Impact Assessment programs.

The conference themes of Development, Farming Systems, Food Security, and Climate and Greenhouse are quite central to our work, and many of the papers presented at the conference related to ACIAR projects.

Bob Farquharson (Uni of Melbourne) gave an overview of some methods and activities planned for an ACIAR project in a paper titled Nitrogen for smallholders and cereal crops in Myanmar: Economic and social dimensions for fertility decisions.

From L to R. Ms So Pyay Thar, PhD student Uni of Melbourne; Dr Shwe Mar Than, Yezin Agricultural University; Dr Thiagarajah Ramilan Massey University; Dr Bob Farquharson, Uni of Melbourne; Dr Nay Myo Aung, Yezin Agricultural University
Presentations included comparative studies such as Avinash Kishore’s discussion of Productivity, Sustainability and Equity in Water Markets: A comparative study of Bangladesh, India and Nepal.

This presentation included information from the ACIAR project Improving policies and institutions for sustainable intensification of agriculture and resilient food systems in eastern Indo-Gangetic plains.

Other presentations were focused on agricultural issues in specific countries, such as Christian Genova’s paper on Linking smallholder vegetable production to household diet quality: Evidence from rural Vietnam. This presentation relates directly to ACIAR’s project Towards more profitable and sustainable vegetable production systems in north-western Vietnam.

Many other sessions across the Conference related to ACIAR work in India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.


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