Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Partnerships around the world

I have been busy compiling a collection of ACIAR’s finest photos, so have been sifting through the multitudes of our images. I was completely astounded as I trekked through these images and travelled across time and continents. The sheer variety of the organisation’s work never fails to amaze, with their helping hands reaching from the arid plains of Africa to the lush forests of the Pacific Islands.

Within these photos there are ruined temples from long-lost kingdoms and shanty-towns sprouting satellite dishes, rolling green mountains under rain clouds and desperate flat plains under wide blue skies. And of course people, of all shapes and sizes: elders watching over their villages, men and women at work in fields and fisheries, friends laughing, families displaying their produce proudly, and children running or riding all over the place.

People are, of course, the key ingredient in all of ACIAR’s work, and it’s fascinating to see them learning and cooperating, chatting and labouring, representing every culture from nomads in Tibet to Brahmin in Bangladesh. We’re all cut from the same cloth in the end, and that really shines through in these images, telling the story of the power of partnerships.

By Alex Henderson, ACIAR Communications Team

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