Thursday, 17 March 2016

BeST Statistical online training for Africa

The Bespoke eStyle Statistical Training (BeST) for Africa and South Asia is part of a capacity building project to assist in upskilling and supporting scientists for farm and station research and extension projects. Research scientists and students interested in agricultural development may find this site useful as it contains online courses with software that can be used for designing studies and analysing data.

BeST courses are found at and are sectioned into modules which can be taken at your own pace. BeST is an initiative funded by ACAIR to provide online support to agriculture researchers around the world and is a flexible study option for researchers in the field. Courses are aimed at supporting not only research scientists but are also is suitable for new graduates as topics range from basic to advanced statistical methods; focusing on experimental and survey design. BeST courses could be used within universities to support postgraduates and staff requiring assistance with experimental design and layout of experiments. 

Dr Miranda Mortlock leads the Brisbane-based BeST development team which consists of postdoctoral fellows, graduate students and tutors. The team provides online support to their site users including online feedback and data analysis advice.  All team members are passionate about statistical skills and teaching and aim to spark interest in the area of statistics.  

For more information you can follow BeST on Twitter @BeST_MYM or email Dr Miranda Mortlock at

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